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Manchester Mistress Delilah – About me

Manchester Mistress

Delilah was the ultimate Biblical temptress, fast forward to the 21st Century where Delilah is still luring hopeless men into her clutches, using their weaknesses against them for her own advantage.  Meet Mistress Delilah the modern day femme fatale.

I am a traditional, creative and imaginative Mistress who specialises in role play.  Think you have the business balls to work in MD’s office? Perhaps you need teaching a lesson in Mrs Delilah’s classroom? Or will you be found guilty as QC Delilah leads you to the bench to serve your punishment whilst you pathetically plea?

You will succumb to your inner desires and relinquish all control. As I work your fetishes into a scene that will blur the lines of fantasy and reality.  And that will have you coming back to Me again and again and again.

Come on…Don’t resist the temptation…Come play with Me…It’ll be so much fun…You know you want to….

Now say Yes Mistress.

Manchester Mistress Delilah