Saturday 2nd September marks the start of a new school term for the students of Miss T’s School for Miscreants.

After the last term’s lessons left the pupils scratching their heads, the term will start with a visit from the School Nurse, whom will be on hand to sort those pesky little creatures out-and that’s just the pupils!

The School Nurse will be in attendance with the formidable Headmistress and the other teaching staff to ensure that pupils are taught a thorough lesson on the day.

Miss T’s (Stockport) school day starts at 14:00pm until 18:00pm. The cost is £10 per pupil including a £5 deposit. Please email to register your interest for a school day where you will most definitely learn your lesson(s).

Want to be top of the Class?

Or if you would prefer, Miss Delilah is also available for private tuition for pupils who are receiving bottom marks. To book a one to one session in Miss Delilah’s Study from the Fetish Emporium please email

Miss Delilah