30Nov 2017

I am now able to offer sessions Monday to Friday 10:00 am until 2:00pm as well as weekend sessions.

Please note however I must have at least 24 hours notice and a deposit is required.

Email or call to book:

Delilah x

05Sep 2017


Saturday 16th September, 13:00-16:00, £100 per hour, deposit required.

I will be in Clinic with Mistress Sheba for Medical Training that isn’t offered by the NMC nor is our bedside manner up to the CQC Standard, unfortunately pain relief isn’t on offer either…This is a Health “Care” service where the cure is most definitely worse than the disease.

Email to book.

02Jul 2017


Saturday 2nd September marks the start of a new school term for the students of Miss T’s School for Miscreants.

After the last term’s lessons left the pupils scratching their heads, the term will start with a visit from the School Nurse, whom will be on hand to sort those pesky little creatures out-and that’s just the pupils!

The School Nurse will be in attendance with the formidable Headmistress and the other teaching staff to ensure that pupils are taught a thorough lesson on the day.

Miss T’s (Stockport) school day starts at 14:00pm until 18:00pm. The cost is £10 per pupil including a £5 deposit. Please email to register your interest for a school day where you will most definitely learn your lesson(s).

Want to be top of the Class?

Or if you would prefer, Miss Delilah is also available for private tuition for pupils who are receiving bottom marks. To book a one to one session in Miss Delilah’s Study from the Fetish Emporium please email ladyleonadelilah@outlook.com

Miss Delilah

25Jun 2017

The school afternoon started at 2:00pm prompt, with the pupils being lined up ready for a uniform inspection. The inspection was carried out by The Headmistress Herself, Miss Tilly Sue. Oh dear! With only 1 student meeting the strict uniform standards it was evident that the rest of the class would benefit from a double Home Economics class.

The students then made their way to the class room for their first lesson of the day-Modern Languages, taught by Myself. The pupils were given a test on the most modern language that we use today-text/emoji. This I think surprised most of the students who were expecting a French class, not wanting to disappoint them, they were made to count the strokes of the cane they received in a combination of French and English. (However, one can be never be 100% sure if the pupils were begging for Mercy or simply saying Merci for the marks they received.)

Next up was the Maths Class taught by Sir. His challenging questions left most of the students scratching their heads. Or perhaps a visit from the School Nurse is also over due?

After a quick break time for both the Teaching Staff and pupils it was back to class with a spelling lesson from Ms Lesley CP. Pupils were not only given 10 words to spell, but they also had to use them in a sentence. Clearly some students thought it was appropriate to incorporate these words into sentences about the Staff. Their actions were soon regretted when it came to receiving their marks from Ms Lesley.

Headmistress Miss Tilly Sue then gave the class a History test. In which non of the pupils received top marks for. So, by the time The Headmistress had dealt her failing pupils their punishments, there were a lot of very red faces, not to mention red bottoms.

Finally to finish the school day it was My final Modern Languages class again. Only this time the pupils were given a list of text abbreviations that they had to include in short story in which they were given 10 minutes to write, before reading their stories out to the rest of the class. Lets just say JK Rowling has nothing to worry about.

As the day came to an end it became apparent that this class would unfortunately only be receiving Low Levels as opposed to the O’Levels that they had hoped for.

In all it was an A+ afternoon!! And I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to all the teaching staff and pupils of Miss T’s for a fantastic day.

I am looking forward to the next one already.

Miss Delilah

25Jun 2017

I am back from My holidays, after a blissful 2 weeks in Majorca. I have received a lot of emails asking for midweek sessions. I do NOT offer midweek sessions!

So on that note I have the following July session availability: 8th, 15th, 29th. Sessions are pre-bookable and require a £30 deposit which is payable via Circlepay- no exceptions! Please contact Me via email to book a session-ladyleonadelilah@outlook.com

I will also be attending Bitches Unleashed on the 29th July in Manchester. If you would like to accompany Me in the privileged position of My slave- tribute/gift is required, naturally. Then again email to enquire.

Delilah x

21May 2017

Saturday 24th June 2017, 14:00 to 18:00, £5 deposit, email to book.

Mistress Delilah will be teaching at Miss T’s School for Miscreants.  This is a school that is not under the LEAs due to its own distinct education system.  Alongside the formidable Headmistress and the schools strict Teachers, Miss Delilah will be teaching her Modern Languages Class in a school that is most definitely old school.

Pupils need to be in their uniforms and assembled for 2:00pm ready to start the school day.  Lateness to class will result in a visit to the Headmistress –  now you wouldn’t want that, would you?

So, pull up your socks and straighten that tie! Then register for a school day where you’ll be anything other than the teachers pet!

16Oct 2016

this-little-piggyI recently received an nominal deposit from an investor wishing to ‘lock his stock’ and expecting a quick return on his investment.  It was obvious that this little piggy didn’t know how to play the market.

I accepted his IPO graciously but reprimanded him for his short sightedness; advising him that expensive initiatives pay off down the road for patient investors.  But how patient could this piggy be?

Investment in this area needs to be long term.  The rule is ‘no pain no gain.’

18Sep 2016



Manchester Pride without doubt is My favourite event of the year.  I had all the essentials required to ensure a fabulous night: My new latex outfit, a crop, money from investors and a slave on a lead.  My humble slave attended to Mistress’s every need, from patiently waiting on his knees for his next instruction to licking the soles of My very expensive YSL shoes.  All this was thirsty work for My slave, so I did allow him sips of his drink-from a dog bowl on the floor of course. How lucky was he?

I had a fabulous evening ensuring the submissives of Manchester certainly felt Mistress’s sting in more than just their wallets.  I cannot wait to attend My next event in October at The Vogue Ball in Liverpool.  Mistress already has selected a new latex dress, which will be paid for by an investor naturally.


21Aug 2016

SelfridgesFriday 19th August 15:00

Today one of My loyal piggies was due to take part in his weekly conference call to the MD of the company he works for.  Being the Office Manager it is paramount for this little piggy to ensure he has a comprehensive report prepared.  However, instead of piggy being allowed to give his usual spiel, I demanded that piggy be allowed to only grunt his replies. 1 grunt for yes and 2 grunts for no.  Piggy was instructed to call Mistress before the call began so that Mistress could listen in and ensue the task was carried out as instructed.

Oh, how My piggy did squeal throughout that call, much to My pleasure but to the MD’s exasperation and dissatisfaction, eventually ending the call believing piggy had a sore throat.

My squealers reward for completing the task? I’m looking forward to the delivery from Selfridges. I hope for his sake the delivery is on time!



15Aug 2016

Monday 15th August 17:00

Mistress has had a very busy day trying to sort the wheat from the chaff, due to a tsunami of applications for the privileged position of Pride handmaiden.  Usually My PA would attend to such duties, but “it” is being punished on the basis of “it’s” poor administrative skills.  “It” is currently restrained and finding it very hard.


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