Serve Me

Do you have the nerve to serve?


Role Play – My favourite!

Do you have the business balls to work in MD’s office?  I am the bitch in the boardroom and My boardroom banter will have you on your knees begging for more.

Or perhaps you are *that* naughty pupil that needs to be taught a lesson in Mrs Delilah’s French class. But will you be begging for Mercy or Merci by the time the school bell rings?

Order!! You have been charged, indicated and found guilty.  The burden of proof of innocence is placed upon the accused’s shoulders.  You will be brought before the bench and bound over (it).  I AM the judge, jury and executioner of your punishment.

Let your imagination run wild as I bring your role play fantasies to life!

Your soul for My sole.

Do you dream of being at My feet? Running your tongue under the high arches of My delicate soles, before nibbling each of My delectable toes. Or perhaps it’s My expensive exquisite collection of shoes, made from the finest, softest leather that you are longing to caress.

HEEL BOY!! And apply for a foot worship session that will leave you begging for more.

Oh the Shame!

Do you enjoy the pure mortification of a beautiful, powerful woman laughing explicitly at YOU? Does the indignity of performing the most belittling and humiliating tasks cause more than just your cheeks to burn with the searing pain of embarrassment? Then take the first steps in the walk of shame and tell Me the depths that you will sink to.

Lady’s Maid Training

Apply for tuition with Mistress Delilah to become the perfect Ladies Maid-silent and obsequious.  Mistress will put you through your paces ensuring that you learn everything needed to prepare for service, and to become the perfect hand maiden. I might even let you wash My beautiful delicate lingerie….Impress Mistress enough and you could provide servitude at a tea party for Mistress and her friends.

Session Interests

  • Adult Baby
  • Boot, Shoe, & Foot Worship
  • Chastity Control
  • Corsets and Lingerie
    Face Slapping
  • Roleplay Fantasies
  • Corporal Punishment (mild)
  • Double Domme
  • Feminisation
  • Maid / Sissy Training
  • Slave Training

I may also allow slaves to accompany Me to fetish events.

I do not offer:  anal/strap on play, water sports/scat, blackmail, sexual services, and incestuous or paedophilic role plays