SelfridgesFriday 19th August 15:00

Today one of My loyal piggies was due to take part in his weekly conference call to the MD of the company he works for.  Being the Office Manager it is paramount for this little piggy to ensure he has a comprehensive report prepared.  However, instead of piggy being allowed to give his usual spiel, I demanded that piggy be allowed to only grunt his replies. 1 grunt for yes and 2 grunts for no.  Piggy was instructed to call Mistress before the call began so that Mistress could listen in and ensue the task was carried out as instructed.

Oh, how My piggy did squeal throughout that call, much to My pleasure but to the MD’s exasperation and dissatisfaction, eventually ending the call believing piggy had a sore throat.

My squealers reward for completing the task? I’m looking forward to the delivery from Selfridges. I hope for his sake the delivery is on time!